Swedish Nightclub Closes At Night Due to Repeated Sexual Assaults

A Swedish nightclub has closed their doors at night due to a significant increase sexual assaults!


The rape capital of the world keeps getting worse. A recent report from Swedish local media tells the story of a Swedish Nightclub where women are so unsafe at night they had to close the venue:

“We had an enormous amount of messages, particularly from female guests, who complained of sexual harassment and bad attitudes.” – Ingmari Pagenkemper

Pagenkemper claims over 15 people have to be kicked out in a single night for groping women. Only some of Södra Teatern’s club nights had been affected. Pagenkemper said she didn’t know why certain events appeared to attract offenders. The events in question had been held regularly at Södra Teatern for three years. The number of complaints have increased significantly over the past 6 months.

STOCKHOLM 20161125
Södra teatern vid Mosebacke på Södermalm
Foto: Pontus Lundahl / TT / kod 10050

The nightclub is very quick to defend refugees at the expense of their local patrons:

“We don’t want to reject people based on how they look or assumptions about what they might do. We’re proud to offer such a diverse range of events and we welcome everyone – except those who can’t behave.” – Pagenkemper

I’m willing to bet if you only let people in the nightclub that looked like they were from the local area I wouldn’t be writing this article.

Source: The Local SE