Reports Say Protesters Threatened Officers’ Spouses With Murder and Rape

A recent Washington Times report tells a chilling story of how a paid group of protesters terrorized the families of law enforcement during the pipeline protests.


Another great example of the tolerant left. New reports reveal during the Dakota Pipeline Access protests, a group of individuals were terrorizing the families of law enforcement. The group specifically targeted the wives of several police officers, threatening them with murder and rape while their husbands were gone. It became so bad for one family they had to leave their house.

“There were threats made to us, mostly that they were going to come burn down our houses or rape us while our husbands were gone.” – Allison Engelstad

She had reason to be afraid. The North Dakota State and Local Intelligence Center compiled a 41-page document of social media posts with threats along with photos, names, addresses and contact information for officers involved with the protest. These protesters knew where the families lived and posted the information publicly.

“Every one of these cops has familys [sic] … Make there [sic] family pay.” – Facebook post

Then there was the live video feed taken from a January protest on the Backwater Bridge. The video features the voice of an activist shouting, “We’re going to gang-rape, Watch your family. We’re going to kill your daughters, your mothers, your fathers, your grandparents, even you!”

The threats hit home for Engelstad the night before Thanksgiving. He her husband called and urged her to leave, saying protesters had threatened to set fire to the houses of law enforcement locked in a late-night standoff at the bridge near Cannon Ball, North Dakota. Ms. Engelstad immediately woke up their three boys and drove across town to her parents’ house.

Of the protesters arrested, 661 of the 709 arrests involved out-of-state protesters. Of those arrested, 227 had a total of 1,503 previous citations and charges, including domestic violence, child abuse, robbery, burglary, drug possession and driving under the influence. Engelstad believes the protesters doing this are paid protesters. The question remains, who is paying a group of fugitives to terrorize police at protests? Shouldn’t that person be arrested?

Source: Washington Times