City Council Candidate Proudly Mocks Police on Saint Patrick’s Day, Refuses to Back Down

A woman running for public office proudly mocked police on Saint Patrick's day, when asked to apologize she refused to back down.


A Pennsylvania City Council Candidate mocked police on Saint Patrick’s Day, calling them all snakes in a mocking Facebook post. Angela Kirkland, 29, a leader in the local Black Lives Matter group who is also running for Harrisburg city council, refused to apologize when confronted by local media. “I think it’s pretty clear,” Kirkland said. “I don’t see the need to explain it.” Kirkland is running for a public officer position that controls the cities police budget, read the post below, and ask yourself is this is who you’d want in that position?

When the local media reminded Kirkland she was running for a public office that controlled the police’s budget, and that opponents may make an issue out of that, Kirkland didn’t seem to care. She responded: “If it becomes a campaign issue, I will address it. I fail to see why a post like that is being made into a story.” The media then asked her what her feelings on police were, Kirkland refused to answer. It’s obvious Kirkland hates police, why else would you make such a racist statement?

#blacklivesmatter anti-police racism

This must mark the 10,000th time I’ve witnessed someone affiliated with #blacklivesmatter making racist comments about police. Calling all police snakes is a form of racism as you are discriminating against an entire group of individuals based on their profession. Apparently it’s ok for people affiliated with #blacklivesmatter to be racist, though that’s what they are supposed to be protesting against.

Kirkland is one of seven candidates running for four open city council seats. Do you think it’s important to keep her from winning an office that controls the police’s budget? Share this story to make sure she doesn’t win!

Source: Penn Live