Sports Team Signs Convicted Killer Bruno Fernandes de Souza, City Dropping Them


Soccer isn’t a very popular sport in America, except for when the Summer Olympics are on. This story probably won’t help the sport’s popularity. A Brazilian soccer team called Boa Esporte signed a convicted killer for their goalie. Bruno Fernandes de Souza was recently released from prison while he appeals a 22-year sentence in the 2010 murder of a former girlfriend, Eliza Samudio. A Supreme Court justice ordered his release on the grounds that his appeal to a higher court was languishing. Now he’s a goalie for a professional soccer team as he waits his second trial.

Souza was convicted of murdering his girlfriend in 2013 by a lower court. Souza strangled his x-girlfriend with two other individuals, her body was then cut up and fed to the dogs. The model went missing after she sued the goalie for child support. The resulting public dispute damaged Souza’s image at the height of his fame. Souza was married at the time, he denied the child was his. Later DNA testing would prove he was the father.

Since the fining the team has lost five sponsors. The city of Varginha, about 250 miles northwest of Rio de Janeiro, is looking for legal ways to kick the team out of their city. When the team’s president Rone Moraes da Costa attempted to defend the signing on facebook, the post received thousands upon thousands of angry comments.

One must wonder if players like these can somehow find their way to the Olympics. Several of these countries don’t have the technology or resources to keep accurate criminal records like the United States. If professional soccer teams in any said country are willing to hire convicted murderers who cut their girlfriend up and fed them to the dogs after being asked to support their child, whose to say their Olympic team wouldn’t hire the same person if they were skilled enough? How would the Olympic committee know if their previous criminal record if the country does not have a modern method of tracking it?

One thing that is definitely reassuring is the reaction to the incident. Brazilians are outraged. If you search for the team on facebook and find their page you’ll see the relentless trolling they are receiving at this very moment. I have to say it’s deserved.  What do you expect when you hire a convicted killer to play on your team?

Source: Associated Press