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Man Sentenced To 6 Months In Prison For Insulting Black Lives Matter With A Side of Elbow

A Massachusetts man was sentenced to 6 months in prison for elbowing an African-American while saying Black Lives Don't Matter.

A Massachusetts man was sentenced to 6 months in prison for elbowing an African-American while insulting #blacklivesmatter. James L. McIntyre, of Northampton, plead guilty to civil rights violations and assault and battery in the Northampton district court on Friday. In May of 2016 McIntyre confronted an African-American near the Academy of Music. McIntyre yelled a racial slur, elbowed the man, and then said black lives don’t matter. McIntyre was intoxicated at the time according to police reports.
When confronted by police McIntyre made up a story claiming he was assaulted by the African-American man. When police interviewed the actual victim, the victim said he was called a racial slur, elbowed, and then told black lives don’t matter. The victim said he was not injured, and that he tried very hard not to fight Mcintyre.

“[The victim] stated that McIntyre said, ‘[expletive] you, [expletive,] [The victim] stated that he was not hurt by the elbow strike, but had trouble restraining himself from fighting McIntyre.” – Northampton Police Officer Brandon Lagoy

Harsh enough, or too harsh?

I’ve seen several reports of people doing worse to white Americans with little to no punishment. In UC Berkeley over the past few months, it’s practically legal to beat old white men, white females, and just about anyone else who supports Donald Trump. You rarely even see the police intervene, let alone arrest someone. Yet here you have the races reversed and the punishment is 6 months for being a racist intoxicated moron. I think the guy deserved a fine for what he did, but 6 months in prison? That in my opinion is a bit much.

To be fair..

McIntyre did get sentenced to a “easy” prison. He was sentenced to six months in the Western Massachusetts Recovery and Wellness Center. This is a minimum security facility in Springfield for inmates with substance abuse disorders. Hopefully he can get the help he needs in this facility, and hopefully the laws start getting enforced in this country regardless of the race of the attacker and victim.
Source: Mass Live (local media)

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