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Former Girlfriend of Black Lives Matter Icon Philando Castile Arrested for Felony Assault

The former girlfriend of Philando Castile was arrested by police on Thursday after she beat an unidentified female victim with a hammer.

The former girlfriend of Philando Castile was arrested last Thursday for felony assault. Diamond Reynolds was involved with a group of people who assaulted a victim with a hammer. The victim was taken to the hospital with serious head injuries. 28-year-old Chnika Chateise Blair and 25-year-old Dyamond Casyana Richardson were also arrested in connection with the incident.

From Live Streaming To Felony Assault

Diamond Reynolds live streamed the shooting death of her former boyfriend Philando Castile. Reynolds spoke out against the police shooting after she live streamed the event. She was even invited to an ABC Town hall meeting.

“It could’ve been another innocent death swept under the rug; it could’ve been another officer getting away with murder because he’s an officer.” – Diamond Reynolds

The shooting incident became a focal point for black lives matter protests.  The officer who shot Castile was eventually charged with manslaughter.   He pleaded not guilty to these charges on February 27th 2017.   The trial is set for May 30th.

Now it would appear that one of the key witnesses for the state will be behind bars for beating a woman with a hammer. The St. Paul police said the circumstances surrounding the incident remain under investigation, however, Sources told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that it was Reynolds who used the hammer. If this is true she’ll probably be doing some serious time due to the extent of the victim’s injuries.
If Black Lives Mattered, why are you beating black females with a hammer Miss Reynolds?

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