Reporter Tries To Prove Trump Wrong About Sweden, Almost Doesn’t Make It Out Alive

A European War Reporter set out to Sweden in an attempt to prove Donald Trump wrong. Within a few minutes his plan seriously backfired.


Somewhere Donald Trump is smiling while saying “See I told you so!” Tim Pool is a “War reporter.” Mr. Pool wanted to prove Donald Trump wrong about Sweden. Mr. Pool decided to go to a “Muslim No Go Zone” in Sweden to accomplish this. Pool decided to visit a migrant suburb in Stockholm to get to the bottom of things. From the instant Pool got to the suburb he knew he made a terrible mistake.  Pool was immediately  followed by a group of Migrants.  The group got larger and larger and then eventually began putting masks on.  To this point Pool did nothing other than walk through the neighborhood, that was enough for the police to walk up and say “It would be smart if you were to leave right now.”


The police pointed out the migrants were putting on masks. They then rushed Pool and his crew out of the area. The police said if they arrested any of the Migrants for attacking Pool, 50 more would show up in a few short minutes with stones. This is a testament to how out of control the refugee crisis has got in Sweden. Police won’t even arrest people for assault for fear of being assaulted themselves.


Pool also tweeted that when he was leaving the area the migrants thought he was the Swedish press and began yelling derogatory things at him. Could this be why nothing is reported accurately in the country?

Unable to talk to any migrant without the threat of violence, Pool finally admitted defeat:

“Honestly, I thought we would be totally safe to go in there and ask people what life was like, I really didn’t expect that to happen.” – Tim Pool

Oh the irony!