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#blacklivesmatter Activist Arrested by FBI for Bomb Threats Against Jewish Centers

A #blacklivesmatter activist has been arrested for calling in bomb threats to 8 Jewish Centers in America.

Juan M. Thompson, a far-leftist #blacklivesmatter activist who once called for Donald Trump and his supporters to be “taken out” has been arrested and is set to be charged in connection with making bomb threats to eight different Jewish institutions between the months of January and February 2017. Thompson was also a reporter for The Intercept. This further proves that #blacklivesmatter is a domestic terrorist organization. Before we continue, we’ll show you that yes indeed Mr Thompson advocated for blacklivesmatter at his previous journalist position at the intercept:

That stops leftist rags like Snopes from defending the terroristic actions of #blacklivesmatter activists by claiming there is no association. At the bottom of this article we’ll post a screencast of Mr. Thompson’s writings on the intercept so there can be no doubt. Now back to business!
The FBI arrested Thompson. They believe he is responsible for several of the hundreds of bomb threats made against Jewish institutions across America. The FBI, however, believes the main perpetrator is still at-large. Thompson sometimes called in bomb threats under the name of a previous white girlfriend in an apparent attempt to frame that person.

So what kind of person is this #blacklivesmatter activist?

Just your typical American Hating, Trump Hating, White Hating Liberal:

Fired For Fake News

Juan Thompson lost his job at the intercept due to fabricating information to portray white people as racist. The most obvious case of this is when he fabricated information in the Dylan Roof case to try to give a motive as to why Roof committed his horrific crime. Thompson was eventually fired after he was caught doing this multiple times. One must wonder if white people are as racist as Thompson claims, why must he invent evidence to frame them of racism?

Thompson has been indicted on a federal cyberstalking charge, he faces a maximum of 5 years in prison for this offense. Thompson is expected to face subsequent charges for the Bomb Threats against Jewish Centers.

Thompson’s Anti-Police #blacklivesmatter journalism

Here is an actual screencast of Thompson’s journalism when he wrote for the Intercept. Notice he speaks out against police frequently, and claims that rioting and looting as a response to police brutality is a valid response.
[fvplayer src=”/videos/juanthompson.mp4″ splash=””]

SourceThe Verge

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