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Two Vietnam Veterans Face Possible Deportation Thanks To Law Signed By Bill Clinton

Two Marines who fought in the Vietnam war are now fighting for the right to live in the country they fought for!

Two Marines that found in the Vietnam war are facing possible deportation. Manuel Jesus Valenzuela joined the military at 18-years-old. While some US citizens dodged the draft by fleeing to Canada, Valenzueala felt a “calling to serve.” He wanted to follow in his brothers footsteps who also fought in the Vietnam war. He would end up deploying 3 times in his 4 years of service.

“I felt like, I need to go out and serve the country, I had to do something. So, I said I’m going to do my duty as a Marine.
We were on the border of Vietnam, on the shores and we would do rescue missions into Nam in a helicopter, to help troops who were ambushed, It’s hard to talk about. To rescue somebody, you had to put down the enemy.” – Valenzueala

Valenzueala thought the fight would be over when he returned home but he was wrong. Valenzueala claims he came back with demons in his head. The VA never took care of him, or several of his friends, so they retorted to drinking and doing drugs. Valenzueala claims that was his medication at the time. At one point, Valenzueala picked up a misdemeanor offense for being drunk and disorderly in a bar. Now thanks to a law signed by Bill Clinton, this sole offense on his criminal record is enough to prioritize deporting him.

“I got a ticket for drunk and disorderly at a bar where we were just celebrating a wedding, “That was our medication – drinking and drugs that was our help at the time – cause we didn’t have no help from the VA. In 2009, to get a removal notice from this country, I felt that my world just stopped right there. I didn’t tell my brother. I didn’t tell nobody. I felt embarrassed. I felt ashamed. I felt hurt. There’s words… I can’t even describe how ugly I felt” – Valenzueala

Now Valenzueala awaits his fate he speaks to lawmakers across the country. Valenzueala is on a mission to help other veterans in similar situations. Valenzueala claims that there are approximately 30,000 veterans facing deportation. Politicians acknowledge the problem:

“I think there are compelling reasons to recognize someone who has fought for our country. I believe the Valenzuela brothers are decorated veterans. They deserve tall the rights and privileges of citizenship.” – State Representative Pete Lee

“People are putting their lives on the line for our country and our rights. They have given us everything we have. We should do everything we can for them.” – Representative Lois Landgraf

“We have a system that is so bureaucratized, It needs reform and can never succeed the way it is set up. I’m afraid.” – U.S. Representative Doug Lamborn

What do you think?

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  1. I understand that he fought for our country and back then he should of applied for citizenship. Why did he wait nearly 30+ years. Normally after a person serves he can apply and be approved…what happened…VA not taking care of him is not the issue…that is bad but that is not the issue. So he got a ticket back in 2009…when was he discharged? Vietnam ended 1973…He didn’t follow up with the paperwork to be naturalized…something is missing in this story. I say let him apply and do the paperwork and let him become a citizen….just don’t blame VA or whoever when he didn’t get with his congressman and Service Rep to do the proper paperwork.

  2. Someone who has served our nation and has been honorably discharged should be given full citizenship without zero problems and nobody should ever be able to deport them because of new laws!!!! This deportation should be for violent criminal illegals that have no right to be on our soil!! Whoever is allowing vets to be deported is totally in the wrong and if President Trump the man I voted for is behind this then, that’s not why I voted for him and needs to be stopped!


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