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Waitress Fakes Racist Note, Gets Thousands In Fraudulent Donations

A Waitress in Virginia forged a racist message on a receipt to gain the support of hundreds of people, she's laughing all the way to the bank now.

Inventing racism is quickly becoming a very profitable business in the United States, just ask Kelly Carter. Carter is an African-American waitress at Anita’s New Mexico Café in Ashburn, Virginia. Carter became a local celebrity after she claimed she got a racist tip from a white customer. Carter tweeted out the alleged racist tip on her twitter account:

The receipt showed that no tip was left for the waitress, and it read “Great service, don’t tip Black People.” Despite there being obvious signs that the note was fake, several publications gushed at the opportunity to write a story about a poor African-American girl that was victimized by racism. Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Raw Story, and New York Daily News all wrote the fake news story. What they should have done is looked at some obvious signs. A good one to start with would be the fact that the receipt is printed at 1:12AM in the morning, the Cafe isn’t open at this time.

The NAACP also visited Carter to show their support. Several locals came into Anita’s restaurant to give money to Carter, a Gofundme crowd funding campaign was setup. It raised over $3600 in under a month:

The owner of Anita’s also told the local media how people just came in dropping off cash for Carter:

“People were just coming in, dropping cash off” – Owner

Now the customer who was falsely accused of racism has hired an attorney. Their attorney released the following statement:

“Our client has no ill feelings towards African Americans. Our client did not leave a $0.00 tip. Our client tipped $0.01 out of his own conviction against tipping well for poor service.” – Daniel Hebda

The lawyer also claimed the note said “Terrible service.” The note did not say anything about not tipping black people. That’s the ultimate proof that the note is indeed fake. The customer left a 1 cent tip and said terrible service. The fake receipt shows no tip. That fact combined with the fact that the fake receipt was printed at 1:12AM when the store was closed proves it is indeed fake.

Shouldn’t Carter be arrested for fraud?

So far nothing has happened to Carter. She’s walked away with thousands of dollars from crowd funding campaigns and locals delivering her money, based on a forged receipt she herself made. She still is employed by Anita’s New Mexico Café. Apparently “Anita” has no problem with her employees victimizing her customers by inventing fake racism to slander them. If the authorities allow her to get away with this without pressing charges it’s just going to encourage more people to do the same thing. All it takes in America in 2017 is for an African-American to yell racism.   Without any form of fact checking, they can get 10’s of thousands of dollars donated to them. What’s to stop more people from doing the same thing?


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