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Treason Against Ammon Bundy / Lavoy Finnicum, Blaine Cooper Gives False Testimony To Incriminate

Blaine Cooper has turned on his fellow wildlife refuge occupiers by giving false testimony against them in an effort to incriminate.

Blaine Cooper has apparently been caught giving false testimony in court to try to nail Ammon Bundy. Cooper is testifying against Bundy and anyone else involved in the occupation to try to get off the hook easy. According to reports by Oregon Live, cooper testified:

“Ammon Bundy called a clandestine meeting around the dining room of their host’s home in Burns on Dec. 29, 2015, and directed the six other men there to leave their cellphones and laptops behind in a separate room. Bundy then discussed his idea of taking over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, said occupier Blaine Cooper, called as a government witness on the fifth day of the second Oregon standoff trial.” – Blain Cooper

Cooper’s testimony marked the first time in court that someone referenced a plan made by Ammon Bundy for occupying the Wildlife Refuge prior to it actually being occupied. This would go a long way in convicting Bundy of a serious offense as it would prove the act was premeditated. The occupation began January 2nd, 2016. Cooper was claiming he discussed this with Bundy on December 29th, 2015, just a few days before. During his 3 hour testimony, Blaine Cooper became the first cooperating witness to testify against his fellow occupiers. Whatever the little weasel can do to get a lesser sentence.

The only problem is that it is a complete fabrication

The defense easily proved this was fake, and more than likely coerced by the feds. During a conversation with his wife on April 6th 2015, Blaine Cooper said “I didn’t know they were going in there.” Deb Jordan, a co-host of the The Pete Santilli Show cast further doubt on the testimony when she came forward to say:

“It was December 28th 2015 and Pete and I were about 3 hours out of Boise Idaho when Ammon Bundy called, He asked us what our location was .. We told him close to Boise .. it was then we found out he had moved from Arizona to Emmet! We didn’t even know he had moved. He offered us to stop at his place for the night and Pete thanked him but said we had a hotel reservation and didn’t want to lose our room,” she added. “Ammon Bundy was home on the night of the 28th approx. 10:00 PM, and said he would be in Burns in a couple of days. We did not see him until after the rally began.
Pete and I arrived in Burns at approx. 7:00 am on the 29th give or take a few, We checked in .. got our things unloaded and got some sleep. We met with Blaine .. Jon R .. Jason Patrick .. and Ryan Payne early that evening for our first live streamed community meeting out of Burns that took place at the Fairgrounds. Ammon Bundy was not present.
The next evening we attended another public meeting that took place in the same fairground building, Ammon was not there. After the meeting, we all met in a small bar in Burns and had some very tasty pizza and watched Blaine Cooper get drunk and hang all over a local Gal. When I say drunk, I mean obliterated. Ammon did not enjoy the tasty pizza with us because he was not there,I never once saw Ammon Bundy on the 29th or 30th.” – Deb Jordan

Deb Jordon not only claimed Ammon Bundy was not there, but she also claims Mr. Cooper was not just drunk, but “Obliterated” and hitting on very young local women.

What’s going on with Mr. Cooper?

Why is Blaine Cooper fabricating stories against his former Wildlife Refuge Occupiers? Did the feds promise him a reduced sentence if he made up bogus stories to incriminate Ammon Bundy? According to Freedom Outpost, Cooper is doing this in hopes that his 6 year prison sentence will be reduced. Cooper plead guilty to the charges of conspiracy to commit an offense against the United State, assault on a federal officer, and conspiracy to impede federal workers. Could that mean they have absolutely nothing against them and need someone to lie to bring a conviction? If this is proven to be a false statement shouldn’t Cooper be charged for lying in court? Perjury?
Jason Patrick, 43, of Bonaire, Georgia, Duane Ehmer, 46, of Irrigon, Darryl Thorn, 32, of Marysville, Washington, and Jake Ryan, 28, of Plains, Montana are on trial, charged with conspiring to impede federal employees from carrying out their work at the federal refuge through intimidation, threat or force. It seems that Blaine Cooper is prepared to fabricate whatever story possible in order to convict all of them.


  1. Blaine Cooper is a loser, a liar, and a coward! His willingness to falsely accuse this man, patriots, just to get time off of his own jail sentence is heart breaking and infuriating. Our Justice Dept is corrupt and and they know exactly who is behind this contemptible, treasonous attack on Ammon Bundy in an attempt to conceal the truth about the land grabbing BLM and their murdering political puppet masters!


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