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Former #Blacklivesmatter Protester Reveals Planned Acts of Terrorism, CNN Covered It Up

Trey Turner has released an unprovoked video on Youtube that is turning a lot of heads.  Turner is a former #Blacklivesmatter protester who was kicked out of the group after he disagreed with their radical beliefs.   Turner tells the story of what happened when he went to several #blacklivesmatter protests in Minnesota.    We’ll summarize what he said in his 19 minute video:

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At 10 minutes 15 seconds Turn starts talking about why #blacklivesmatter protesters continually kick out the media.   Turner claims the reason they do this is because the media will expose what #blacklivesmatter is doing, the only media company willing to cover it up is none other than CNN:

“CNN is the only media they really approved of. The liberal media held back a lot of the things Black Lives Matter was doing” – Turner

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At 8 minutes in the video, according to Turner #blacklivesmatter protest organizers Curtis Avent and Brian Allen actively planned to burn down the Minnesota Governors building, several mansions, city hall, and the Minnesota Police Station.   Turner claims several people were behind it.
Cnn covered his up apparently and refused to report it. This makes #blacklivesmatter a terrorist organization, and it also makes CNN guilty of collaborating with terrorists

“I had a debate with one of the lead organizers of the Black Lives Matter movement in St. Paul, His name was Brian Allen and during this debate with him, I was called a racist, and I was called an Uncle Tom because I said that blacks need to address the killing of each other just like they need to address the killings by police.”
They would burn down the governor’s mansion. And there was talk about going beyond that and burning down the mansions that are on Summit Avenue with the governor’s mansion. Curtis Avent mentioned burning down city hall, he mentioned burning down the capitol building, he mentioned burning down the police station, These are things mentioned by organizers of Black Lives Matter St. Paul and people were behind it, I was not behind it.” – Turner

If what Turner is claiming is true, this definitely means #blacklivesmatter is a domestic terrorist organization

Turner names two people who are alleged #blacklivesmatter organizers and leaders, they ARE NOT outside agitators. These two individuals actively planned acts of Terrorism against Government buildings, and according to Turner, they had the support of the crowd. This is terrorism, anyone who plans on committing terrorism is a terrorist.
With all this evidence mounting when will #blacklivesmatter be classified as the domestic terrorist organization that it really is?


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