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Mob of Black Men Beat White Teenage Girl, Hate Crime or Provoked Attack?

A shocking facebook video has emerged of a group of black men mercilessly beating a young white teenage girl. Before we show you the video we’re going to present both sides of the case. The video obviously starts mid fight, what leads up to and starts the fight is edited out for whatever reason. The video starts out with a black man slamming the white girl onto the ground:

The video continues as a random black man comes up behind the woman as she’s getting up and punches her. The white teen does seem to throw a few punches but is ultimately outnumbered by the mob of black attackers. The fight continues as several black men and women cheer the fight on:

So why the strange headline?

Before showing you the video, as a responsible journalist I’m not here to present biased facts, I’m here to present the truth. There is absolutely no reason to justify what you are about to see regardless of the reason. With that being said there are several African-Americans on facebook that claim to have knowledge of the situation. They are claiming the video is deceptively edited to make it look like a mob of black men attacked the female unprovoked. They claim the girls boyfriend got into a fight with the men, and that the woman jumped in throwing punches. The group of men retaliated, and that is when the video starts.
Again, even if this were true, that is no reason to hit a woman.

And the video:

[vc_message message_box_style=”3d” message_box_color=”danger” icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-exclamation-triangle”]Warning:  This video may be disturbing to some of our viewing audience.  While the video is blurry it still depicts a group of men assaulting a white female.   Viewer discretion is advised:[/vc_message][vc_message color=”info” message_box_style=”3d”]Notice:  We do have this video downloaded locally in the event facebook removes it, if you find the video impossible to view, please let us know in the comments so we can upload the original[/vc_message]

[fbvideo link=””]
If you’re having problems viewing the video on your device, you can view it right on facebook by clicking here

Do you have, or know of the location of the full video. Do you know the woman or the men in the video?

If anyone has the original video, or knows of who the men or woman is in the video, please report this information to us. We would love to notify local law enforcement of this crime if we knew where the crime occurred, and who the people were in the video. All we’ve found are comments like these that were mentioned above that imply there is more to the story:

[vc_text_separator title=”We will post more information as it becomes available, and will monitor the comments section of this article” i_icon_fontawesome=”fa fa-wpforms” color=”juicy_pink” css_animation=”bounceInDown” add_icon=”true”]


  1. now if that was a group of white men beating on a black girl like that regardless the reason that would be a hate crime…still a bunch of little punk as bitches


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