Refugees Riot in Sweden Just Days After Trump’s Speech

Refugees rioted in Sweden's Capital just days after Trump made comments about the crisis in a recent speech.


After Swedish police arrested an unidentified person on drug charges, several Refugees gathered around the Rinkeby station at approximately 8pm. This resulted in 4 hours of refugee rioting. Several cars were burnt, businesses were looted and vandalized, police were attacked, and even a news reporter was badly beaten and had his camera stolen. Local residents were also attacked and beaten when they tried to stop refugees from looting. The refugee riots came just days after Donald Trump made his speech about the “issues in Sweden.” It only took a few days for the refugees to prove him right.

The riots happened in Rinkeby, which is a refugee settled suburb of Stockholm. It’s a heck of a way for Muslim refugees to show a country their appreciation for taking them in when they sought shelter. Similar riots happened in the same area in 2010 and 2013.

The riots come just days after Trump gave a speech in which he mentioned the problems Sweden has with Islamic Immigration.

Trump apparently watched a video released on Fox News by Ami Horowitz, as seen below:

The video has since been disputed. Two of the police interviewed in the video claim they didn’t know they were being questioned about refugees. This is hard to believe as they specifically say they don’t want to talk about it because they were afraid of being labeled as racists. You can see Horowitz defend his video on Tucker Carlson:

With the recent wave of refugee rioting it makes it look like Horowitz and Trump might be onto something….