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Busted! Social Media Directly Responsible for Hate Crime against Disabled White Teen

We’ve all heard the story of the recent torture of a mentally disabled white teenage boy in the greater Chicago area. 4 African-American’s were charged with committing a hate crime and several other offenses after they live streamed a torture video. If you need to refresh your memory, this is a short video about this:

It sparked a national debate, many blamed #blacklivesmatter, some tried to defend them. Many people missed a post that incriminates Mark Zuckerberg and his beloved social networking site facebook, it’s this post here:

The post above on the left is a serious problem, it is a picture of Nocturnus Libertus wiping her rear with the American flag. This post was made by one of the 4 attackers just hours before they kidnapped a mentally disabled white teenage boy and tortured him while screaming F*** white people and F*** Donald Trump. This implies beyond a reasonable doubt that at least one of the attackers has been following Nocturnus Libertus’s facebook page. The facebook page has violated Facebook’s community standards thousands of times, the page has been reported hundreds of thousands of times, but for whatever reason, she has never been banned. Libertus’s facebook page instructs people to riot and destroy property, shoot white people, and commit all sorts of other various crimes. The 4 black attackers were only acting on what Libertus’s Facebook page told them to do, here are some fine examples:

As you can see in the above picture, Mark Jihadistberg willingly and knowingly allows Libertus to recruit terrorists to throw Molotov cocktails at law enforcement on America’s favorite website, jihadistbook. Mark Jihadistberg also allows Libertus to make terroristic threats against the current American president, both of which are violations of facebook’s community standards, community standards that do not apply to African-Americans:

Now when the shoe is on the other foot, and you ask people if the law in America should be enforced, Mark Jihadistberg will slander Conservative journalists and accuse them of posting violent content, as seen here:

When you click “see photo” on a photo Mr. Jihadistberg labeled as violent, you get this picture:

We reached out to Jihadistbook for comment on why they marked the above post as violent content, they refused to respond, and closed the case. If you don’t believe me, try sharing This post. And that’s not the only one that this happened to, a video asking people to pray for Donald Trump was also flagged as violent content by Mark Jihadistberg. Yet every time the media calls this closet liberal out on censoring Conservative Journalists, he always lies like the rug his chair sits on, and says it doesn’t happen. Yet it continually does happen, and continually gets worse.

Sue Jihadistberg

If I were the parents of the mentally disabled teen that was victimized by this crime, I would file a massive lawsuit against Mark Jihadistberg for inciting the act to happen in the first place. Mark Jihadistberg willingly and knowingly allowed Nocturnus Libertus to use his platform to incite acts of terrorism against the United States. Jihadistberg refused to ban Libertus while continually censoring Conservatives for petty offenses.

This proves that the single greatest enabler of Domestic Terrorism in America is none other than Mr. Jihadistberg, maybe people that love their country should stop using his liberal website…

You can find Libertus’s facebook page by simply typing Nocturnus Libertus in the search bar, go through some of her posts, you’ll find the most anti-white racist nonsense ever posted, all of which is endorsed by none other than Mark Jihadistberg…


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