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Grand Jury Indicts 4 on Felony Assault Charges for Racially Motivated Attack

A Grand Jury has Indicted 4 people responsible for a racially motivated attack against a white teen for supporting police.

In September 2016, an innocent white teenager was assaulted by 4 African-Americans in a racially motivated attack. Brian Ogle was 17 at the time, his only crime was supporting local police. The attack occurred in the parking lot of the old Ace Hardware store, Ogle remained hospitalized for several weeks with severe injuries. In case you missed that story, here’s a refresher:
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Now Quartez Lamar Walker, 20; Bobby Ronchea Brown, 19; Landah Grant Ealy Jr., 18; and Daveon Shamareya Nix, 20; have been indicted on 1st and 2nd degree assault charges. 1st degree assault carries a minimum penalty of 2 years imprisonment and a maximum of 20 years, however, the Anniston Star is reporting all 4 are eligible for youthful offender status since they carried out the assault before they were 21:

A campaign has been launched by several people to bring justice to Ogle’s attackers:

We’ll post more information as it becomes available, there is a video of the attackers flying around Facebook but it’s in a private group that we are unable to access at the time of writing this:

You can join the Facebook group to support Ogle @ JUSTICE FOR BRIAN OGLE
Further reading:
Anniston Star


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