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Yale to host the Black Panther Party for Black History Month

Yale University has invited the Black Panther Party to speak for their 50th Anniversary !

According to campus reform, Yale will be hosting the Black Panther party as a part of Black History Month. The event will take place February 26th 2017, it is intended to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the racist anti-white organization. The Black Panther party has had a history of violence, starting with one of their leaders, Huey Newton, murdering an Oakland Police Officer. In 1970 over 20 members were arrested for plotting to assassinate police officers and bomb buildings, sounds like the perfect group for a liberal university like Yale.
The violence from this group hasn’t stopped either, in the last few years they have made headlines for their violent anti-police, anti-white rhetoric:

There has been no word from Yale on when they intend on inviting the KKK to headline the White History month, being that there is virtually no difference between the KKK and The Black Panther Party. Yale hasn’t even scheduled a White History month celebration for that matter, showing the racial hypocrisy of this anti-white liberal university. Why is it ok for one race to be racist, but not ok for another race to be racist?
I’m also willing to bet that groups of white people won’t show up to loot the local Starbucks, burn random vehicles, and throw Molotov cocktails at the university buildings where the Black Panther Party is supposed to speak.

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Source: Campus Reform


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