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PA woman arrested for selling Food Stamps on Facebook, lies about Cancer

A Pennsylvania woman was arrested for violating her probation after she was caught selling food stamps on facebook.

A Pennsylvania woman has been arrested for violating her probation after selling food stamps on Facebook. Tanya Keenan of Williamsport Pennsylvania decided to post a for sale ad in the Williamsport buy and sell facebook group. The only problem with her listing is that she was selling food stamps for half price. This is called welfare fraud. Members of the group became outraged over the incident. Thousands of people contacted the local news channel demanding they investigate. WYOU sent an investigative reporter to Keenan’s house, she refused to answer.
After the story aired on the local news, the police apparently investigated. You can see from this inmate search that the offender was incarcerated the same day:

As it turns out, Keenan was not only selling her welfare illegally for cash, but she was also telling people she had a loved one dying from cancer, which is not true:

Facebook has erupted over this, several people are extremely upset.   You can read the threads where several users on facebook have been obliterating her online. You can view her facebook page at:
Tanya Keenan’s Facebook
Keenan was also arrested previously for taking customers credit cards as a waitress and changing the bill total to give herself tips:

I’m not sure what else to say about this incident that hasn’t been said already. It is disgusting to me that I work hard every day as a journalist. I pay my taxes for this? I also understand that there are people out there that could use financial assistance, however people like this ruin it for everyone. I sincerely hope this woman gets the punishment she deserves when she gets her day in court.

Update 2/11/17 1:25AM

Several users in the comments have been referencing a screenshot of the accused talking about how she has sold government assistance for “months”, we’ve posted it below as per request:


  1. I have a friend who messaged her, thinking that maybe her post was made from a bitter ex boyfriend.. and she (Tanya) told her (my friend) that she sells her food stamps every month!

  2. I would like to think I had a hand in this too. As soon as I saw the post, I sent copies and links to the Welfare fraud department including the post someone posted about her talking to someone about selling them for $65.00 because she needed gas to get to work.

    • Then she said she had a family member dying from cancer too. I’ve had relatives die from cancer, it’s disgusting to abuse welfare, it’s even more disgusting to lie about a deadly disease like cancer to get people’s sympathy.
      Thank you for what you’ve done, you’re a great citizen of this country!

  3. To the author, Stacy Jayhawk:
    Aren’t you supposed to leave personal, biased opinions out of news articles? That last paragraph is unnecessary and unethical. Let people form their own opinions!

    • ADMIN BAN: Excessive liberalism, crying about the author having an opinion that disagrees with theirs. Comment deleted

    • Any journalist on this website is entitled to have their opinion, this is journalism in America, not journalism in Nazi Germany wrote to please the fuehrer. if you don’t like it, there’s the exit door, it’s call the close button.

    • Logan,sounds to me like everyone has the same opinion as the journalist except you sounds to me like you’re defending this criminal activity

  4. Terrible , Terrible , Terrible , and to think we have homeless vets that cant get them benefits, she needs locked up to think about her selfish actions.

  5. Her Facebook page has most of it’s post removed already.
    I was one of the people that reported her to the Attorney General.

    • Thank you Taz, need more people like you reporting fraud. People like her are what’s wrong with this country even as a human being it’s just so morally wrong..

  6. ADMIN BAN: Excessive liberalism, crying about the author having an opinion that disagrees with theirs. Comment deleted

  7. She has another post out there saying she sells these every month. I screen shot it. it is ridiculous we have ppl who need help and cant get it. but then thwre are ppl who abuse it and they have it.

  8. This is wrong and there was also a screenshot of her admitting to someone she’s been doing this for months. This is pathetic and she should be in jail!

  9. I was very upset I have a daughter in colleger full-time, father passed away when she was in highschool but can’t get assistance ONLY if she works a job of 20 hours per week on top of going to college full-time to show she is paying back her benefits of medical insurance. She gets no other benefits. She does not qualify. But the generational welfare families get all they want and don’t have to work at all. Yes this is very upsetting to me. And I do not agree with.

    • i would like to say that no people who get assistance are usually women or men who have work.. but do not make enough money to afford a full months of food… and yes some people just are plain assholes who sell their food stamps.. some are addicts who do not think due to their addiction and do stupid things like this woman did…

  10. This has been going on since the start of the food stamp program. In the pass when they where booklets of paper coupon thst resemble money fraud was just as bad. They claim switching to a ccard system was going to ut back on it but it hasnt one bit. An ID should be required and recorded at any place accepting them. Also should be used for specific items also not the 7 boxes of fruity peebles, 8 boxes of snack cakes, 12 2liters of pop, 10packs of oreos and a slu of other garbage junk food i watch a healthy man and woman with 3 kids buy yesterday. There has to be regulation especially when other hardworking ppl are having taxes taken out of their paychecks to go to this!!!!

  11. Yesssssssssssss!!! Some need and some just don’t appreciate. I just wish food stamps was just like WIC. Where only healthy foods can be bought. People can purchase sweets and soda and junk food. Then go to the dentist and the government pays to fix their teeth!!! If they could only buy healthy stuff think how much that could save in dental and doctor bills for us taxpayers!!!!

  12. I’m glad that she was caught, it didn’t take long and now she will never be eligible to receive assistance again. I’m a working mom getting my bachelor’s degree in nursing, so my family depends on food stamps right now, just so you know that we’re not all lazy people just looking for a handout. I want to be able to provide everything my family needs by myself, and that’s the goal that I’m working towards.

  13. It’s a shame, I actually work and after rent and bills and gas in my car I barely have anything left for food. But I can’t receive food stamps.

  14. I think people would be surprised at the number of people who do this. EVERYONE who gets these cards need to account for every penny with their signature, and YES stores should require photo id, also the people buying these cards need to be arrested also……….

  15. It’s not like this dont happen every day every where. Good job on the snitches tho. Now iam glad more of my tax dollars is goin to help house her feed her and provide medical treatment.

    • On a side note, I agree with the opinion expressed in the article. This lady needs to be punished for taking advantage of this socialist system we have in place in this great country!

  16. Please be advised that the story taken from WBRE/WYOU Eyewitness News is copyright protected and this is an unauthorized use of our news material. We love the attention, but this story is not authorized to be on this website without prior consent. Neither the writer nor publisher of this story has been given that consent, and it should be removed. You can see the actual report, and follow-ups at

    • Yeah, I don’t need your permission, fair use clause of the copyright act, go ahead and try to file a DMCA against a dedicated server we own, we’ll keep saying “fair use”.
      That’s the problem with you media companies, you don’t even know what the law is.
      “Examples of fair use in United States copyright law include commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, and scholarship.”
      Pretty sure this article falls under news reporting.
      Also your website about 2 years ago stole something off of me and never gave me credit, a story about a woman beating a child, so please tell me how it feels now when it’s done back to you? What goes around comes around, and we did it the same legal way you did, fair use.

  17. I hope this prompts an investigation of women selling formula from wic as well. I’m sure you will find a dozen posts selling formula. I guarantee no mother out there buys 20 cans in advance. Yet another form of system abuse.

    • Actually some mothers do buy 20 cans of formula in a single trip. I was one of them, mainly because the formula I needed was under lock and key. It was more convenient to get them all at once verses one at a time when I needed to buy it. Depending on the store and what kind of formula is needed, it maybe easier and more convenient to do so. Now at the time all formula was under lock and key, even the basic ones. It was during the time people were using formula to hide and sell drugs in. I’m not sure if they still keep all formula under lock and key these days, it was four years ago when I needed it.
      It would be nice to have a better system to catch both formula and food stamp sellers. No matter how advance our tech gets for distribute food stamps or anythi
      ng related to this, people will always try to find a loop hole. So it comes down to staying on top of things by reporting people who are selling them when they pop up. People will tend to get over confidant and will mess up, like this person did.

  18. That is sad what is she the escape goat all all coming down on her I bet most of the people bashing her know people who use the system why is it people dont want to work for what they get anymore she is just the one who gets the brunt of it the entire system needs reevaluation an the sad thing is most kg the people badhin her are the one who prolly would use them too that’s the hustle these days I wish I could eat lobster an by 500 worth of food foe me an my kids but no i can only spend like 200 an make that shit last this is what is wrong with the country is is the new American dream lazy ass people

    • to many have made a career out of welfare… I seen it everyday. People would come into the store gold on ever finger 2 carts filled to the top all dressed in designer clothing. Driving a brand new car… The I would see the hard working people come in and buy food for that night. Looking like they just had their butts kicked for the past 8 hours. It broke my heart…

  19. Just so this “journalist” knows, she was NOT arrested for selling her food stamps, at the time of her arrest. She had an active warrant on the last set of charges for failure to appear and pay fines. The selling of the food stamps had nothing to do with her being arrested. Now that she is in custody on the warrant, they can charge her trying to sell the food stamps!

    • That’s one of the first things that they apply for. A person I know has done it EVERYTIME he gets out of jail on probation. This needs to stop too.

  20. I see you have seen and removed my previous comment about how the last paragraph has no place in journalism. I mean I don’t see many conservative news sources, so maybe that’s normal? Scary

    • How come now they take action, I’ve called the fraud # a few times to report fraud on food stamps & medical but I don’t think anything was done. I’m a veteran on disability, I do receive those benefits. I really don’t want to just the fact I always thought theirs someone out there who’s in worsts situation than I am. But I also knw ppl or associates that really takes advantage of this help that the government is giving, & as a good citizen I do everything my case worker is telling me to do & make sure the forms I’m filing out is true. On the other hand I reported a few that I knw who’s lieing just so they get all the benefits & more. Still even tho I reported it this ppl still have it. The answer I’m getting frm the fraud Dept the person I’m talking to is that, they can only go by the form they r filling out & submitting. Which is bs, they need to investigate those ppl better. The ones who deserve to b helped doesn’t get it but the ones who doesn’t desrves it gets it. But then what else can I do? I did my best to report it.

    • If you feel that people aren’t entitled to an opinion when they write an article on the website they work for may I recommend you move to North Korea. Their journalists aren’t allowed to have an opinion either, sounds like communism is the way to go for you.

  21. I sent it on Facebook so everyone can see this. Then I called welfare up and told them what was going ok they said ok thanks for the info. This lady needs to be in jail bc ppl like me that needs help can’t get help but ppl like her that don’t need it gets it and turn around and sells then this is not right. I’m very mad.

  22. Making a big stink over $100 when our politicians are absolutely raping us behind the scenes. I feel sorry for the girl. I hope she gets her life together.

  23. i guarantee she’s either a crackhead or a junkie. i hope they put her in prison until she pays back every cent.

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