Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Tolerant Left Threatens to Assassinate Tom Brady for Winning the Superbowl

The tolerant left has not only threatened to assassinate Tom Brady for winning the Superbowl, but they have threatened his wife and the stadium he plays in.

We’ve gotten pretty used to liberals threatening to kill people when they disagree with their opinion. The most recent case of this was the Berkeley riots. Now it appears that liberals are ready to take it a step further by threatening to kill players for teams they don’t like, one must wonder, when does libtardism end? Tom Brady as well as his wife have received several assassination threats, with some of them specifically saying “They aren’t joking.” Liberals have also threatened to blow up both the stadium where Tom Brady plays in, as well as the stadium that hosted the 51st Superbowl. Here are a few of our favorite libtard quotes:

What amazes me the most is not the fact that liberals want to kill people they disagree with, but the fact that the liberal run twitter really hasn’t suspended any of these accounts. This shows you the absolute liberal hypocrisy of that bottom feeding den of liberal filth. Milo was recently banned from Twitter because his followers harassed someone over a worthless movie, however it’s perfectly ok for the same liberals to threaten to kill people and commit acts of global terrorism, and nothing is done to them. Why anyone would use twitter is beyond me, but I’ll tell you this, I put twitter in the Sh**ter. (Word that rhymes with Twitter, it’s something you sit on to go to the bathroom).


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