Major Terrorist Attack Thwarted in France, Terrorist shot by Soldier

A man armed with a knife tried to force his way into an art Museum packed with over 1,000 people but was stopped short when a soldier shot him.


A major terrorist attack was stopped before it could happen when a French Soldier opened fire on an alleged Muslim wielding a knife. The incident happened inside a shopping mall beneath the Louvre Museum in Paris France. A man ran into the mall wielding a machete screaming Allah Akbar. The man attacked the soldiers in an attempt to get inside the Museum but he was unsuccessful. The Soldiers first attempted to fight the man and subdue him, but when that didn’t work, they opened fire on him. One soldier is wounded, the attacker was reported to be “Gravely wounded.”

“We are dealing with an attack from an individual who was clearly aggressive and represented a direct threat, and whose comments lead us to believe that he wished to carry out a terrorist incident,” Michel Cadot, the head of the police force, said.” – Michel Cadot (head of police)

There were over 1,000 people in the art museum at the time of the attack. Authorities believe the man was trying to force his way into the art museum to carry out a massive terrorist attack. Had the soldier not of shot the man, several people may have died had the terrorist entered the art museum.

This is a breaking story, we will post more updates as they become available. For now lets all breathe a sigh of relief and be thankful that this was stopped before it happened. This could have been much worse!