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Mexico Official Threatens to Flood US Border with Drugs in Response to Trump

Jorge Castaneda had a rather unique suggestion to dealing with Trump's border policies-flood the USA with more drugs and criminals.

A Mexico official threatened to flood the US border with drugs and criminals in response to Trump’s border policies. This was Jorge Castaneda’s response when asking what could Mexico do:

“Mexico has a lot of negotiating chips in this matter, Fareed, but it also has measures we could take in other areas,” said Castañeda. “For example, the drugs that come through Mexico from South America, or the drugs that are produced here in Mexico all go to the United States. This is not our problem. We have been cooperating with the United States for many years on these issues because they’ve asked us to and because we have a friendly, trustful relationship. If that relationship disappears, the reasons for cooperation also disappear.” – Jorge Castaneda

The above quote is heard at 2:15 of the below video

There are things America can do too, like building a wall between the borders and placing guard towers every couple hundred feet. That way if drug dealers or violent offenders try to cross the border they can get shot, problem solved. I’m not sure where this Mexican official gets the idea that it’s America’s responsibility to deal with their drug cartels and violent offenders, but it’s not, it’s Mexico’s responsibility and it’s time we make them deal with it on their own.


  1. Mr. Castenada is willing to make it official government policy to send an invasion of illegal drugs and armed thugs across our border. As I see it, that would be an official act of war., with all the retaialtive efforts that could bring to bear back on them. Their education system must be as bad as ours is now, since he seems not to be aware of what happened when THREE different countries declared war on us at the same time.
    Now would probably be a good time for him to take a breath and think.


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