Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Portland Protesters block traffic, Get Destroyed by Police

It appears that even well known Liberal cities have had enough of protesters blocking traffic. On January 26th, a group of protesters began blocking traffic. It was unclear what they were protesting, they could of just been doing this because blocking traffic seems to be the “new thing.” The protesters probably thought they’d get away with it, as police have been pretty lenient with this style of protesting in the past.

That wouldn’t be the case this time however, as the police in Portland weren’t in the mood to play around. It only takes a few seconds after you see the police for the first time in the video until the protest is over. The police rush in and tackle the protesters and arrest them immediately. The people watching cheer for the police and thank them for doing their job, it appears that even liberals are tired of these protests, as Portland is a very liberal city.

It’s about time that people start dealing with protesters like this. We as a country have sat around too long allowing protesters to block traffic with little to no repercussions for their actions. It would appear that since Donald Trump has been elected president that these days are now over.


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