Watch: 10-Year-Old Trump Supporter Gives 10 Reasons to Vote for Trump


[dropcap style=”square” color=”#ffffff” bgcolor=”#1e73be” sradius=”5″]A[/dropcap] video of a 10-year-old Trump supporter has received over 100,000 views after going viral.   The video was uploaded by the page “Trump Truck,” a page for a truck giveaway contest.   In the video the 10-year-old gives his 10 reasons why you should vote for Donald Trump.    The video has been met with a mixed reaction, some praise the child for being involved in politics while others accuse the parents of pushing politics on their child:

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10 Reasons to Vote for Trump:

[list icon=”linecon-icon-like” icon_color=”#1e73be” icon_color_hover=”#279bf4″ icon_size=”24″ ]Trump is politically incorrect he’s not afraid to say what needs to be said.,Trump puts his money where his mouth is he paid for his own primary campaign.,He is not for sale Trump cannot be bought by special interest groups.,Trump can lead this country he’s a proven a businessman who has learned from experience.,Trump will keep jobs in the USA just like this truck great things will be made in America again.,Trump is a capatalist not a communist like hillary.,Trump will back the blue.,Trump will secure our borders.,Trump will protect us from terrorists and make America safe again.,Trump will put hillary in prison.[/list]


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H/T Trump Truck Facebook