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[Watch] Vietnam Vet Charged After Attacking Disrespectful Pokemon Go Players

[dropcap style=”square” bgcolor=”#1e73be” sradius=”5″]S[/dropcap]ome people in America think catching virtual monsters is more important than respecting the people who fought against real monsters for their freedom.   An angry veteran was caught on video by Pokemon Go players who were camping out in a Veterans Park.   The Pokemon players setup a portable picnic awning in the park which upset the Veteran, many of them found this extremely disrespectful.   One of the Veterans, Bruce Reed Jr., became so angry that he knocked the camera out of one of the Pokemon Player’s hands.    He was cited for fourth-degree criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct.
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When questioned about the incident, the Vietnam vet claimed he was having a flashback.  This is something that most people, including the Pokemon Players, don’t consider.   Some Veterans still fight “monsters” after they come home.  Many of us will never know what PTSD feels like, because veterans like this guy bare that burden for our freedom.  Taking a place they consider sacred and camping out to play a ridiculous video game is disrespectful.   Doing stupid things like this can trigger this type of reaction.    At one point in time it seems like this was the Pokemon Player’s intent as one can be heard saying he’d take a punch to get rid of the vets.
The city is now considering a law that will ban Pokemon Go players from the park.   Under the new law Pokemon Go players caught in the park could face up to 90 days in jail or a $1,000 fine.  I personally feel that it is utterly ridiculous that we have to make laws like this to force some Millennials to respect Veterans.    As for the Veteran, all that he asks is that people don’t turn the Veteran’s Park into a camp ground:
[quote arrow=”yes”]”People can come walk through the park, hold hands, sit on the benches, but don’t turn it into a campsite.” – Reed[/quote]
H/T Fox News


  1. Umm..the last time I checked, camping was not allowed in parks that do not have a designated campground. The Pokemon idiots should not have been there. It was the Pokemon players who should have been arrested, not the vet.


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