(WATCH) Texas man pays speeding ticket with 22,000 pennies

A disgruntled Texas man got his revenge on the local police department by paying his fine via 2 buckets filled with 22,000 pennies! The man was nice enough to tell the police to "Keep the change".


Take that! A disgruntled Texas man decided to pay his fine with 22,000 pennies. Brett Sanders of Frisco was found guilty of speeding and fined $220 dollars. Sanders didn’t agree with the speeding ticket, he believed that his local police department was policing for profit rather than serving and protecting. Sanders decided to get revenge on the police department in a very unusual way:


Sanders made a documentary of his revenge. He first calls the local bank and orders $220 in pennies. Sanders then makes buckets to deliver the pennies in. The buckets have the slogans “Policing for profit” and “Extortion money.” After completing the buckets Sanders smashes the pennies with a hammer and dumps them all with the torn wrappers into the two buckets. Sanders then drives to the local court building and dumps the pennies on the counter. The woman behind the counter seems less than pleased 😉

“I’m not a big fan of extortion, I was convicted by a jury for driving 39 in a 30 and was subject to $212 at the barrel of a gun.” – Sanders

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Source: MSN