State Trooper Learns Important Lesson from Experience With Trump

A West Virginia State Trooper took to Facebook to describe the differences he noticed between a Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Rally after serving as security for both.


A State Trooper from West Virginia recently took to Facebook to post his comparison of experiences from serving as security for two campaign rallies.   The first event the Officer attended was a Bernie Sanders Rally.   At this Rally Sanders bashed the police and never thanked or acknowledged them at any point in time.

The experience was quite different at the Trump Rally.  With the cameras off Trump acknowledged all Law Enforcement in the hallway and thanked them.   Trump could have walked by and said nothing as he had nothing to gain, but he still took the time to thank them for their service.

“Donald Trump stopped and acknowledged all law enforcement in the hallway and thanked them for being there. It was a very nice change after Sanders bashed Law Enforcement just hours prior in front of the cameras.” – Jeremy Yost

Read his full post below:


It is encouraging to see a presidential candidate take the time to notice the Police. There were no cameras present, Trump had nothing to gain from doing this, yet he still took the time to thank them and acknowledge them. People often overlook the importance of such gestures, it’s great to see that Trump still considers them important.