Entire Police Force Quits After New Mayor is Elected

A Colorado town woke up without a Police force after the entire force resigned overnight due to the new town mayor.


Apparently the Green Mountain Falls Colorado Police Department doesn’t like the new Town Mayor. Timothy Bradley, the Police Chief, resigned the day before the new mayor was sworn into office. The rest of the police force, all three of his deputies, followed in his footsteps shortly after. Now the town has absolutely no police force!

Sage Ross

The 700 residents were notified of the mass resignation at a town meeting, however, no explanations were given. The residents were only told they no longer have a police force. The new mayor, Jane Newberry, said she has no idea what is going on either:

“In an election year there‚Äôs always some people who choose to stay and some people who choose to go and I think that happens at every level of government. He is pursuing other opportunities as I understand and good luck to him.” – Jane Newberry

The incident has lead to widespread speculation, why did the police officers quit? What issue did they have with the new Mayor? Anonymous sources claim the reason is because Newberry had supported a bill to privatize security when she served on the City Council.

The Mayor is confident that the two county Sheriff departments will be able to hold down the fort until the situation is sorted out.

H/T US Herald