Liberals wear KKK Hoods to Trump Rally, Get Knocked Out


A fight broke out at a Trump event in Tuscon Arizona recently.   The media has once again pointed the finger at Trump for inciting the violence, and the Trump crowd for “being” violent.   There are always two sides to the story, the media has been ignoring one key piece of evidence in this case.   Examine the video below they are showing you:

The media makes it look like an angry African-American Trump supporter viciously assaults an innocent anti-Trump Protester. What the media isn’t showing you is what upset the man in the first place, it wasn’t the Trump sign, it was the KKK hoods, watch the video below closely:

KKK Hoods, White Power Salutes

What the media didn’t show you, is that the protesters were wearing KKK hoods and making white power signs. If the roles were reversed, and KKK themed anti Sanders protesters did this at his rally, the same media would portray the African-American man has a hero for attacking the racists. Yet in this situation, since the African-American man doesn’t share the same opinion, the liberal media tosses him under the bus.

Who are the real racists here?

The truth in this situation is that Trump supporter actually attacked someone for displaying racism, he wasn’t attacking the person because he supported racism. You’d never know that though if you just listen to the mainstream media…